The Bermuda Cancer and Health is seeking Volunteers to assist with selling their Raffle tickets.

Locations are as follows:


Saturday – 3rd Lindo’s WARWICK
Thursday – 8th Gorham’s
Saturday – 17th Lindo’s DEVONSHIRE
Wednesday – 21st Lindo’s DEVONSHIRE
Saturday – 24th Lindo’s WARWICK
Wednesday – 28th Supermart
Saturday – 31st Gorham’s



Saturday – 7th Lindo’s DEVONSHIRE
Wednesday – 11th Lindo’s WARWICK
Thursday – 12th Gorham’s
Wednesday – 18th Lindo’s DEVONSHIRE
Saturday – 21st Gorham’s
Wednesday – 25th Supermart
Thursday – 26th Gorham’s
Saturday – 28th Lindo’s WARWICK


Times are from 9 am – 5 pm.  If you can spare 2 hours or more please send an email to or call 236-1001 x 1005

We thank you for your support.


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