The CP volunteers help campers discover what their own personal “best” might be and spend 8 months coaching campers on achieving a personal life goal and deepening their character development.  CP’s possess the following qualities:

Positive Role Model                    Responsible              Vibrant/Engaging           Mature                                           Can-Do Attitude      Patient                      Willing to accept guidance, direction and supervision from CP manager

Foundational responsibilities

  • Fully emotionally and mentally present during *CP training, monthly meetings and weekly coaching sessions with campers
  • Substance-free during volunteer hours
  • Be a life coach for a camper(s) and create a safe space for campers to connect and communicate with you.
  • Holding weekly coaching sessions with students for at least 30 minutes
  • Attending one Friday evening session per month with the cohort of coaches
  • Attending one Saturday interactive session per month with the coaches and campers, including the community service project
  • Ensuring campers have transportation to attend each Saturday session per month
  • Completing and submitting a weekly progress report and a monthly reflection report
  • Communicating with campers between weekly sessions
  • Communicating with the Committed Partner Manager
  • Completing evaluations and providing feedback on the programme
  • Attending the completion ceremony

*There are 4.5 training days

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