Feed My Lambs Ministry is having our annual Tag Day April 17th, 2019.  All funds raised will go towards our Feed My Lambs University Students for sponsorship and We are currently in the process of building houses for two of Leaders at Feed My Lambs Ministry for 2019.

We at Feed My Lambs Ministry have been busy with many new projects since our Tag Day last year 2018.

To give you a few updates we have expanded our garden and built a shelter above it so the crop won’t have direct full sunlight and stop it from dying off.  We have also added a compost station that goes right back into the garden to help in aid with the growth.  This has worked very well for us, the garden is now growing beautifully and the Orpahange has fresh vegetables from our own garden. The vegetables from our Garden are 100% Organic no pesticides used.

A few things to mention that our kids at the Orphanage are involved in are music lessons. They are learning to play the Flute and Guitar and also a Culinary class is offered for the ones that wish to learn how to cook. Our girls 10 years and up are learning to sew in our newly built sewing room and The kids are also learning to make sandals for trade.

If you have a few hours free and would like to volunteer with our Tag Day please contact Linda Adderley at 5363613 or Naomi Lema at 7991370.  They will be more than happy to assign you a location.

Feed My Lambs Ministry thanks you for your continued support.

A hope for a better tomorrow.

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