The OST volunteers are the catalyst for team building and personal growth at Mirrors Residential.  This team encourages SuperCamp spirit and possesses the following qualities:

Enthusiastic                       Strong Leader                      Mature                     Sound Judgment             Self-Disciplined                    Problem Solver                Vibrant/Engaging           Positive Role Model              Responsible        Collaborative

Foundational responsibilities

  • Fully emotionally and mentally present during *pre-camp staff training and residential overnight camp
  • Substance-free for the duration of residential overnight camp
  • Available to stay on premises for the entire residential period
  • Creating trust and a safe place for campers to be open
  • Building relationships with campers in an appropriate, fun way
  • Supervising campers at all times and gently guiding team members into participation
  • Facilitating appropriate group discussions and effective conflict resolution between campers
  • Chaperoning campers overnight in camp accommodation
  • Supporting production and course room logistics

*There are 4 training days

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