Would you like more meaning in your life?  Do you want to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community?  Then become a PRIDE volunteer!

With the challenges we face in our society today, empowering our youth and parents with the right skills to make healthy choices is tantamount to the wellbeing of our community. PRIDE Bermuda recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for these skills to be acquired and developed. Through evidence based programs and other services, PRIDE continues to support Bermuda’s youth and families as we work “To Prevent Substance Abuse and Health Risk Behaviours in Children.”

Who is PRIDE?

Established in 1986, PRIDE is the premier substance abuse prevention organization in Bermuda. PRIDE collaborates with its many partners to serve over a thousand students, teachers and parents across public and private educational institutions and communities.  PRIDE is supported by invaluable donations from corporate, government and private funding and contributions from all sectors of the community.

We need your help for our various events such as our annual tag day, and projects.  All you need to do is sign up and become a volunteer.  Limited training will be available.

A Volunteer Appreciation Poem

The Key to our success

Rests in people like you,

Who embody the spirit of greatness

By saying “Yes I can, and you can too

To sign up and for more information about our programs contact: email: info@pride.prevention.bm or call 441-705-2383

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