The YET are the foundation for a camper’s participation in Mirrors Programme.  This team introduces the programme to young people and supports them through the enrolment process and possesses the following qualities:

Enthusiastic                                 Mature                              Responsible        Detail-Oriented                          Flexible Schedule                                          Excited to work with young people

Foundational responsibilities

  • Fully emotionally and mentally present during *enrolment team training and during orientations
  • Substance-free during volunteer hours
  • Attending orientations and support campers with completing and signing all paperwork
  • Interviewing campers on their goals and asking questions
  • Committing to do whatever it takes to ensure a positive experience during the enrolment process
  • Maintaining weekly communication with up to 4 campers and the Enrolment Manager over 6 weeks
  • Organizing transportation for assigned campers to all enrolment-related events
  • Attending Arrival Day to support camper attendance/participation

*There are 2 training days training


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